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Survival, Wilderness and Prepping Resources

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There are tons of resources on the internet these days so we thought we would collect just a few resources that we have been inspired by over the years. Happy Reading

Survival & Prepping Sites

More Than Just Surviving – Survival blog that features wilderness survival and bushcraft articles run by a two-person team/couple (They have several connected sites with tons of info)

Off-Grid Survival – Preparedness and survival website dedicated to helping people become more self-reliant and better prepared to face the threats that exist in today’s world. (They have been around for a while and know there stuff)

SHTF Preparedness – Survival, Emergency, and homesteading blog with a massive collection of articles (We like them as they have pretty much all the info you would need if you looking to prep yourself for survival living)

Survival Sullivan – Survival, emergency prep and about everything else you can think of (they have over 1000 articles here that we find are spot-on)

Survival Cache  – A survival gear site for all the gear junkies out there (They have a big team and do tons of research, we like the ;))

Survival Skills Guide – Survival, prepping and wilderness survival site by a guy who lives what he writes about. (No theory here. Just real hacks and facts)

The Prepared – Prepper and survival website that has very in depth research products, gear and guides (They must spend forever writing this stuff)

Survival Blog – Well this is exactly what it sounds (and why we like it )


Primitive Survival Tool – These guys can pretty much building anything out of nothing

Primitive Survival – Another pair of guys who can build incredible stuff with a pair of sticks

Survival Lilly – She has some serious gear and survival know how

Survival Time – Primitive building, tools, cooking hacks

Survival Skills Primitive – Some pretty wild primitive lifestyle videos from some guys who really live this stuff

And a list of other survival sites that we have found along the way


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